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Voluntary unpaid blood donation is becoming a trend
Australian volunteer created a 3D graffiti work to spur more public participation

Beautiful carps and deer, all in vivid three dimension effect, drew a lot of passers-by just like a magnet. Despite the rain, Australian artist Peter Daverington went on with his mural painting on Xinbei Road of Minhang District in the Chinese city of Shanghai yesterday.
June 14 is the World Blood Donor Day. Aiming to encourage more voluntary unpaid blood donation participation and commissioned by the local government, Meou Art Investments Pty Ltd. (Australia) invited Peter, who is a well-known artist in graffiti art, to come to China to produce this “publicizing mural” on a wall lies on Xinbei Road of 58 meters long and more than 2 meters high, with a total area around 130 square meters. We can see that the mural bears the trademark surrealistic style of the artist.
Peter said: “To donate our blood is to save other’s lives. Donating blood is just like showing our love! …”, and he told us that he had been pondering over and over again on how to perfectly illustrate an abstract theme in this painting. The leaping carps, as we see in the mural, indicate vitality, and the mountains reflect the magnificence of nature. This mural was especially produced for Chinese audience, he therefore added lots of China-inspired imagery to the painting, which involving a deer, auspicious clouds, lotus, etc. The point that worth mentioning is that such graffiti activity conducted in public area has rarely, if ever, been approved by government before in China.

31 May 2013


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